Why therapy—why now?

Awaken hope—so you can make plans—that lead to actions—that will build the better life you deserve.

Couples Counseling

Getting timely help with conflict can make all the difference.

Educational Coaching

  • When you just don’t want to fight about homework any more
  • When you’re tired of hearing, “She just has to apply herself.”
  • When you’ve tried every way you know how to organize your disorganized child.

Psychologist Andrew Kuhn

“You want all these parts of your life to work—education, relationships, family, career—and not just work in an ‘okay, I guess’ sort of way, but with joy, a sense of thriving and purpose. Let’s discover your individual path to that life.”.

Why therapy? 

To find a way forward—and because it works.

Welcome. The decision even to consider therapy takes courage, and a willingness to hope. 

A successful treatment honors, sustains and builds on these strengths—these strengths of yours—faint as they might seem in times of pain. 

Regardless of the specific issues we’re facing, what we seek in therapy comes down to this—to find a way forward. To arrive at a place of sustainable hope. 

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, you are already on your way. 

What do we do in therapy?
Awaken hope—to make plans—that inspire actions—
that will build the better life you deserve.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Simply, it works. Talking to someone who gives you their sustained, undivided, expert attention can be a powerful and even transformative experience.

Wife supporting her husband in therapy with the man listening curious to counsellor in gray office

Couples Counseling

Crises happen in intimate relationships. Getting timely help with conflict can make the difference between staying together—thanks to stronger and more supple bonds—or breaking apart.

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Educational Coaching & Therapeutic Tutoring

“I can’t!” “Why should I?” “Who cares!” Learning glitches can trigger a host of resistances. Get help helping your child become an engaged learner again.

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Short-Term Problem Solving

Solution-focused, flexibly scheduled counseling can help you clarify values, priorities, relationship dynamics, choice points, and tactics for “getting to yes” with allies and adversaries alike.

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Boys & Men

Navigating growing up male—and helping our sons do that today—can be confusing, even daunting. Having frank conversations with someone who has the expertise, compassion and communicative skills to address these issues tactfully can help a lot.

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Psycho-educational evaluations provide key insights into how a person thinks, learns, responds emotionally, and behaves in social situations. Let’s put together the pieces and make a plan.